March 9, 2011

Back on the Sunny Side

Back in my apartment and back on the sunny side. Actually, that entire rehab experience was a super positive—I was really fortunate. One of the amazing surprises was the fact that someone always answered my buzzer immediately—never had to lie in bed wondering if anyone heard me. That’s an awful feeling when you are dependent on others for everything you need. I actually hated to give up all the TLC (it’s nice to be pampered and spoiled!) but it is good to start picking up the pieces of my life again.

Besides working on getting both my legs working again, I also relearned how important people are. Not only the people who were sharing my experience, but all the ones I’ve just met recently who stopped by with words of encouragement, tidbits from their own experience, and flowers to remind me that spring is on its way. My family were wonderful about indulging my love of SCRABBLE by playing endless games to pass the time.

And it certainly was a great place to work on my book. Fortunately, I was in the edit-re-edit-re-edit phase, so I didn’t have to work on my piles of paper and files and research notes. I just had the piles of corrected manuscript printouts. It’s easier to write when someone else takes care of all life’s little details like laundry and bed making and meals! I think the Victorian men writers knew that: they always seem to have wives, or valets, or landladies who took care of the mundane details! Of course, now we have machines...but it’s not quite the same.

And I picked up a wonderful term from one of the CNAs —“buffer fat” --which is the little extra poundage that provides more resources for the body to heal as we get older. How positive. How pleasant. What a nice reminder when I look in the mirror. Even flab has its sunny side!

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